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About Me

Hornby Island Assignment, Spring 2018

Documentary photographer. Visual communicator. Non-linear thinker.  Available for long-term collaborations or commissions.



I work with photography as a means of art to introduce different genres of visual narrative such as documentary or portraiture to collect and share information. 

That’s where I see the full potential of documentary photography: in its ability to demystify the sometimes complex nature of  research and storytelling. A compelling, emotive and engaging imagery helps illustrate and communicate one’s ideas and concepts, while it stabilizes the typically fleeting nature of observation or even one’s own experience. When we analyze images, we form a deeper understanding of the photographed subject. 


Photography also serves as a creative and collaborative enabler, and can be a powerful research tool. A  custom-made photographic database of one’s research offers a readily available and organized supply, and even improve the overall quality of all collected data.


I trust my intuition.

Intuition is sometimes more intelligent than the analytical mind busy with the urge to achieve and own.

The intuitive eye cares more about the process, disengages with the ego more easily, and is unattached to results.

I aim for complete immersion.

The intuitive approach also requires knowledge and experience. Complete immersion enables me to improvise successfully without controlling the process or the outcome.

In my work, I study, research, and observe my subjects to gather practical knowledge. 

But I also believe in forming a connection or a relationship with the subject to gain the experience and emotional understanding necessary to engage with it meaningfully in the process of documentation. I don't hesitate to invest my time and energy to achieve that.

My mind is present.

It is the combination of knowledge, experience, understanding, critical thinking, and intuitive self-guidance that  allows me to improvise while being able to anticipate specific moments to be captured.  

Presence of mind allows me to discern, empathize and understand the value of timing and waiting for the right moment. It gives me the patience to help my subjects to push past their self-awareness and relax into their natural state. 

I prioritize quality.

My artistic approach is highly improvisational, but I take care to compose my frame. 

The form is important to convey the story I’m telling, and the edge of the frame matters as much as the center. 

I seek to present a different perspective than the obvious and conventional.

I am discreet about what’s important to my eye, and don’t allow irrelevant details.

I can discern where to remain strictly detached and observant of a researched object, and when to break the fourth wall to become part of the story I am documenting. 

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