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Ground Driving

The Harness (1/6)

(Story coming soon.)

Marian and Tia in a harness in a stall, Zadia looking in from the outside

Checking In Before Heading Out (2/6)

One of the first training sessions. Tia, a purebred Canadian mare, has a natural disposition to be a carriage horse. Canadians have been bred to be multi purpose work horses, as well as comfortable and reliable under saddle.

Marian and Tia in the stall

Visiting the Neighbours (3/6)

The training session is going so well Marian decides to step outside of our property and practice turning in the neighbour's driveway.

Marian ground driving Tia in a driveway

Done (4/6)

Marian keeps the session short enough to be able to end with Tia on a good note. It is a lot of  new information for a horse to process, and it is best to ease them in gently.

Tia stands,Marian folds up the reins

Success (5/6)

Tia is visibly satisfied and happy with the training session.

Marian and Tia standing in the driveway

Ending on a Good Note (6/6)

The session was a training opportunity not just for Tia. Zadia had a chance to practice being left behind and alone in the paddock.

Marian and Tia heading back to the barn

Training in the Arena (1/12)

Two women and a lead mare explore ground driving in the arena. For Marian, this is a return to her carriage driving days, for Tia it's work she enjoys and picks up naturally, for Meg, the next step on her journey as an experienced arborist and a beginning horse logger.


Tacking up (2/12)

But noot just tacking up. Also connecting with Tia and harmonizing as a team.


The Straps and Belts (3/12)

Re-assembling the harness I took apart to clean in the spring was surely an empowering learning experience for Meg and Marian. It happened the day before this photo shoot.


Only the Essentials (4/12)

No need for a travois during a basics training session.


Descend from the Stalls (5/12)

Meg's and Tia's movement is already synchronized before even entering the ring.


Tack Check (6/12)

Before they begin the training session, Marian and Meg do a 360° check to make sure all straps are fastened and all buckles are done up before


Warm Up (7/12)

Further connecting with Tia through synchronized movement while warming her up in trot.


Heading a Horse (8/12)

Meg is heading Tia to support her cue learning process and reassure her throughout the session.


Carriage Harness (9/12)

(Story coming soon.)


Solo Practice (10/12)

After the warm up and the learning session, Tia feels more confident to practice without being headed.


Honoring the Limits (11/12)

A brief check in to see where Tia's energy levels and attention are at. The arena session took about 20 minutes which is enough time to learn, practice, and still leave on a good note.


True Partnership (12/12)

The content, accomplished look on Tia's face says it all. She loves and takes pride in ground driving.

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