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Medicine Horse Sessions

Trust (1/3)

A half-hour impromptu exercise in trust and mindfulness between a human and her horse. (January 2022)

Marian resting on the snow, black mare stands by.

Connection (2/3)

After a brief lead rope session, Marian took Zadia's halter off, released her, and rested on the ground. Zadia came back to check in with Maria who trusted the young mare enough to stay on the ground, invite her closer and love her up. 

Marian rests on the snow, Zadia stands 10 feet away
Zadia approaches Marian
Zadia sniffs Marian who's resting on the ground, Marian responds by affectionate hug

Protected in Her Vulnerability (3/3)

Zadia then watched over Marian until they both relaxed into a deep, quiet state. They spent the next 20 minutes meditating, relishing the midday sun, and bonding. 

Wide shot of Zadia and Marian in the valley

A Session by the Anchor (1/4)

An impromptu energy session unfolded after we had encountered a string of issues holding us from saddling up that day. Personal turmoils,  fatigue, tack malfunction, and the mares' unwillingness to be haltered brought us all down to a shaded are where we decided to ground and meditate. (August 2021)

Two medicine horses standing above a meditating person

The Heart Chakra (2/4)

After almost two years of practicing energy work with these mares, Marian and I have come to develop a "soft touch" approach, which involves short intervals of  meditation, brief check ins, light conversations, and spontaneous repositioning. It has led to a better flowing process and a more beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

Tia Jewell standing above Marian meditating in cross-legged seat

The Human-Horse Heart Connection (3/4)

Despite her fiery disposition, often misinterpreted as impatient or intimidating, Tia Jewell is a trustworthy, loving and reliable mare who allows her humans to relax and rest on the ground in front of her.

Marian resting on the ground, Tia Jewell standing near in abundant vegetation

Ending The Session (4/4)

Thanks to the fluidity and spontaneity of the "soft touch" method, Marian finds herself on Tia's back without even realizing how. At this point Marian and I thank the horses and give them a gentle massage to help them reset and release energy they picked up during the session

Marian sitting on Tia Jewell, Zadia scratiching her neck against a tree

An Early Session (1/5)

One of our first Medicine Horse sessions, in January 2020. It was a deeply meditative, quiet hour of energy clearing in a heavy snowfall.

Marian standing in moutain pose between two horses

Active Heart, Grounded Root (2/5)

Marian and Tia are connecting through their Heart chakras, Zadia is anchoring the session with her Root.

Tia and Marian standing side by side, Zadia positioned with her hind to them

Clearing the space (3/5)

'At liberty' energy sessions allow the Medicine Horses to reposition freely during the process to move and clear energy. Sacred geometry patterns can often be observed.

Two mares standing freely, Marian watching them

Release (4/5)

Big energy release by yawning at the end of the session. Yawning is a natural way for horses to decompress and let go of tension, and to relax and warm up their jaws before feeding.

Tia yawning, Zadia standing nearby

The Canadian and the Hannoverian (5/5)

Tia Jewell's thick Canadian coat enables her to be comfortable even during heavy snowfalls, while Zadia's Hannoverian blood, giving her a thinner, more delicate skin, requires a blanket.

Two horses covered in snow, one wearing a blanket
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