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Other Projects

Phantom District

A nocturnal memento of abandoned homes awaiting demolition

Downtown Nanaimo between 2014 and 2015. Driven by the desire to honor the old, executed via long exposure photography and swift trespassing. 

Meridian - A Multimedia Performance Event

A close collaboration with a group of innovative multimedia artists and VIU Faculty Members to bring their work out of the academic and into the public sphere.

(Story coming soon.)

The Medicine Horse

A photo sequence documenting a holistic equine health practitioner during an appointment with a client.

A healing session with someone else's horse sometimes reflects a simultaneous healing session with the owner.


The Multidimensionality Of Invisibility

A faculty-assigned exploration of invisibility as a social construct.

(Captions coming soon.)

The Countryside

An ongoing collection of seemingly miscellaneous captures that documents my subjective experience with the life in the rural Central Vancouver Island. 

2019 - present

Geomancy And The Equine Labyrinth

This photo sequence follows geomancer, painter and visionary walker Penny Martin as she performs an energy balancing ceremony in the Butterfly Equine Labyrinth, Coombs.


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