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A photographic farewell to the place that once was my home.


Room #7 above a busy downtown cafe — my personal sanctuary and a healing space — used to be a design studio buzzing with creative energy. I felt compelled to maintain that legacy.

Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7


The walls were worn down by previous occupants, and pierced with holes and stuck nails throughout and all over. To cover up the abuse and restore some of the interior's dignity, I put up a lot of art (mine, respected friends', or world renowned artists').

The Hub City Project proofs;  Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Brochure from Jeremy Shaw's exhibition at CAG; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Wounded Healers, Human Whisperers proofs; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Study materials for the next photo project; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Photobooks; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Photobooks; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

from Anne Hamilton's show "The Common S E N S E"; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Viktor Kolar abve a baby photo of my mother; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Anne Hamilton - from the exhibition 'the common S E N S E' at Henry Art Gallery, 2014


Most of the art featured animals, and they spread out and multiplied. Within a year, the room became a jungle abundant with painted, etched, sketched, crocheted and photographed fauna, to whom my live and beloved Sophie Rosie Cat ruled like the true feline queen.

a gift from Gordie, Nanaimo's famous lamp collector; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Aprized possession: "An Apology" by Julie Dives; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

gifts from friends; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Cats and horses; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
My little queen; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
Kocicka Sophie Rosie; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
Rosie four years old; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7


The place was never clean enough, never tidy. Always too many objects, clothes, never enough light and plants. In the final months, however, I was sharing the room with 17 house plants. Still not enough. I developed a high level of intimacy with these organisms, spending hours and days watching them grow, caring for them, planting and replanting and transplanting. Some of them couldn't bear such intense relationship with me and died after a few months. Out of the seven or eight Aloe Veras I brought in, none of them made it out alive.

The mighty philodendron; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
Peperomia who is still not sure whether to grow or whither, Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

A dying ficus; Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7


All Gone

On the last day clean up, all my cameras were already gone, so I snapped these with a phone.

Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7
Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

Denisa Kraus - ROOM #7

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