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Shasta's First Medicine Session

About 6 weeks after landing in The Valley, Shasta began to show a strong inclination to do medicine work. One evening, just as I came by to feed dinner, she walked right up to me and positioned herself in my way. To stop me and let me know there is energy work to be done. I trusted her enough to take charge, and just pulled out my phone to snap photos of the process. At this time, Shasta was sending clear messages that she's not the sweet, pushover rescue horse she had often been mistaken for. She is a strong, confident healer, sometimes frustrated with human obliviousness, but endlessly kind and patient.

I looked behind us. Tia and Zadia were standing still, facing each other, as if anchoring some sort of a gateway.

Meanwhile, Shasta moved in even closer, almost touching my body with her shoulder. I didn't sense disrespect or her testing my boundaries. It was a medicine move; she was trying to get into my physical aura in the softest possible way.

At the same time, the two black mares moved closer to each other, closing off and protecting our space, while going into a deep quiet state. I felt the energy around the stalls slow down, settle and thicken. It was both very calming and intriguing. I was the "client", collaborator and the observer of this session at once.

I put my camera away for the next ten minutes and meditated with the horses. After that, the energy release followed. All three started yawning and stretching, letting go of all information they had picked up during the session or that they had stored in their systems until the session enabled to be processed and released.

The session ended, leaving everyone involved relaxed and replenished. I've learned to trust Shasta to lead our future sessions with her impeccable mastery.

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