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The Landing

New Roommates

I moved into the empty RV on a Marian's newly acquired acreage in early October 2019 under stressful and rushed circumstances and with no certainty about my future. The two black Canadian mares, Tia Jewell and Zadia, who had also been moved there that fall, just a few weeks before me, were likely experiencing similar confusion.

Tia Jewell's Blessing

Born a lead mare who is wired to look after an entire herd, Tia felt drawn to supervising my process of moving in. She stood still and grounded while I unpacked multiple car loads, but also paid close attention to almost every object I brought into the RV.

Tia standing by the RV and a car

Like a Raptor

As I was trying to settle in the RV, a slight Jurassic Park feeling came over me when I saw Zadia trying to enter my hiding spot. 

A horses head outside an RV window

The Curiosity of a Young Mare

Zadia is only five years old and endlessly craving new experiences. As soon as I opened the RV door, she attempted to enter and explore the space.

Zadia attempting to enter the empty RV

The Valley of Miracles

One of my first mornings in the valley. The property was still just a pristine, unfenced grassland. I looked at the mares grazing in the sunrise and felt a Miracle unfolding before my eyes.

A sunlit landscape with two horses grazing in the field

Mutual Grooming

The mares, previously strangers to one another, are becoming friends and, more importantly, a herd.

Tia and Zadia intertwined in a "hug"

Ready to Head Out

Zadia was still relatively green in the fall of 2019, so Marian often rode tia around the property and let  the youngster tag along at liberty to establish a natural bond. I often joined on foot to take pictures, but didn't feel any inclination to ride just yet.

Marian riding Tia, Zadia standing by

Country Life 

Fresh hay is delivered to the big barn and the mares are eager to supervise. I am still only beginning to figure out my role in this place, as an inhabitant,  farm hand, casual documentarian, friend, and member of the herd.

The inside of a barn, hay, tractor, saddle. Two horses outside

New Home

While I was staying in town for a few days to handle personal business, and -still unaccustomed to RV living and in deep shock from the the change - to seek moments of incomparable warmth and comfort of a regular house, Marian moved the trailer to a sunnier and more comfortable and private location near the lake. The improvement was palpable.

digitally altered landscape. Water puddle reflecting the RV and surroundings

First Fall in the Valley

Tia Jewell overlooking the valley where the noise of heavy duty machines mixes with the smoke from multiple burnpiles.

Tia in a colorful landscape, smoke, farm machines

Tacking Up

On sunny days, we began to explore the neighborhood trails and roads. Still a pedestrian by choice, I walked long miles with Zadia by my side.

Marian tacking up Tia, Zadia standing by in a halter

Athletic Grazing

Tia casually juxtaposes herself against the newly finished fencing.

Tia grazing down a steep slope
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